Timeout in CruiseControl

In my Cruisecontrol setup, I need to make an ant call to ruby scripts. Originally, I setup CruiseControl timeout in AntBuilder, somehow it could not kill ruby process. CruiseControl will wait till the end of ruby process, and show timeout error in the report.

I started looking at Ant exec task timeout, which I expect the process times out after 5 hours, but the build always times out within one minute.

What's wrong?

Don't laugh at me. Cruisecontrol AntBuilder use seconds to measure timeout, but Ant Exec task uses milliseconds!

How to start Organizational Transformation

In big companies, how to start working on Agile Organizational Transformation? Starting from selected projects is a good idea. Picking various projects is extremely important. You may want to pick projects to cover different business domains, platform, programming languages, etc.

Organic Java Developers?

Today at lunch time, we went to SF ferry building farmer's market to get some coffee. Everything in the market had a marker "organic", and the price was crazily expensive. Paulo, one of my colleagues, said, we should name ourselves organic java developers. We use open source tools, cage free:)

Sure, you could not be called organic java developers several months ago, because Java itself was not open source yet. Now you can:)